Agata Adamczyk is the speaker at the AIJA M&A seminar in Budapest

Attorney-at-law Agata Adamczyk was one of the speakers at the international seminar related to M&A transactions organised in Budapest on 21-23 april 2016 by AIJA Association International des Jeunes Avocats. The topic of the panel was the protection of shareholders in case of exit from the company (partnership). In particular, the participants discussed clauses usually used in their respective jurisdictions which aim at protecting the shareholders from an unsufficient share sale price (exit price). The different methods of evaluation have been presented too. Last but not the least the good leaver and bad leaver provisions were presented and the deadlock mechanisms.


The panelists compared legal regulations, jurisprudence and market practice in Poland, Switzerland, France, Intaly and Hungary.  

Successful closing of an international company acquisition project

We have just closed another corss-border transaction related to the purchase of a Polish enterprise. This time we have represented a Swedish capital group which has acquired 80% of the shares in the Polish production company in the branch of metalurgy. The current Polish shareholders remain the co-owners and will continue the management of the company together with the investor. The employment is going to remain intact. The company plans for the etension of the infrastructure.

We are very happy for the Client's success and we wish them a furtjer development of the business! 


July 2015

Agata Adamczyk - First Award in FORBES Professional 2014

We are proud to announce that our colleague - Agata Adamczyk - received the First Award in the FORBES Professionals 2014 contest in the category "Profession of Public Trust: Attorney at Law".


Being happy about this distinguished title we treat it as an obligation to continuos work for our Clients with the highest degree of care and further perfectionning in the legal profession.


The silhouettes of awarded persons have been presented in October issue of Forbes magazine.,artykuly,183627,1,1.html

Forbes październik 2014


Profesjonaliści Forbesa - radcy prawni-1b

Profesjonaliści Forbesa - radcy prawni-2

Bartłomiej Liber commences ICC training on international arbitration

We kindly inform that our colleague: Bartłomiej Liber participates in the ICC Arbitration and ADR Training Programme.

The whole year's programme aims to broaden the expertise of its participants as regards amicable ways of resolving commercial disputes between entrepreneurs from different countries.

During the course, the emphasis will be laid on the development of the practical skills – in order to be able to settle the business conflict quickly and costly efficient, by means of arbitration and mediation services or negotiations.

The workshops will be conducted by the most renowned counsels – both: domestic and foreign, including: att. Beata Gessel – Kalinowska vel. Kalisz (the President of the Arbitration Court Lewiatan) and att. Tomasz Wardyński.

The training is organised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – a worldwide international organization active in the field of the establishment of international commercial transactions and the rules of international commercial arbitration (

The patronage is held by International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Law of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.



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