Closing of the fintech startup investment negotiations

We have successfully closed the negotiations of the fintech startup investment. This time we have represented three investors. We are very glad to be able to help our Client to quickly and smoothly negotiate and close the deal.

Now, we keep our fingers crossed for the founder and the investors to attain their ambitious objective! 

We are celebrating the closing of our biggest real estate transaction

We have successfully closed the biggest real estate transaction in our law firm this year. We have assisted our Client who is a capital group - a leader of the packaging industry.

After several months of negotitations and the resolution of a material tax issue the Parties concluded the purchase agreement of an industrial plot in Łódź.

The next step will be the opening of a production facility and afterwards: the sale.


The transaction was managed by attorney-at-law Agata Adamczyk. 

Bartłomiej Liber - success in negotiations, end of a longasting corporate conflict

Partner of our law firm, Bartłomiej Liber, has sucessfully completed negotiations related to a long-lasting corporate conflict in one of the steel industry companies in Silesia region.


As a result of his intervention a dispute among shareholders jeopardizing the existence of the enterprise has been finally resolved.


We are happy for the success and we keep our fingers crossed for the further development of the Company's business at a new stage.  

New joint-venture project - construction of a packaging factory

Agata Adamczyk & Associates law firm in Cracow, Poland, is conducting another French-speaking project. This time we support a French Client in negotiations with a Polish partner which relate to the creation of a joint-venture company and construction of a specialized packaging factory. The venture leads to the creation of new working places and we are very happy to be able to contribute to it.

In mid-june 2016 the Parties sucessfully closed the first stage of negotiations. New steps are ahead of us. With effort of all parties involved we will reach a satisfactory result. The production should start in mid-2017.


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